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Sweet box

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Home bakers, this offer is made for you! Discover our selection of Lulubelle's gluten-free products; cakes, muffins, pancakes... You are now ready to develop your own workshop at home. On your marks, ready? Bake!


👩‍🍳 Gluten-free

🌱 Plant based

💗 Made with the best ingredients

🚫 Peanut, nut and soy free

✔️ Vegan




- 2 gluten free vanilla cake mixes

- 2 gluten free chocolate muffin mixes

- 2 gluten free pancake mixes

- 1 gluten free waffle mix

- 1 gluten-free chocolate cake mix

- 1 kilo of gluten free all purpose flour

- 1 box of 100% natural food coloring

- 1 bag of King & Queen sprinkles



See the list of ingredients for each product.