Waffle Day

Everyone just LOVES waffles. Sweet or salty, served with maple syrup, whipped cream, and fruits, or simply topped with an egg. Early morning, at brunchtime, or for dessert, any time is good for some fluffy goodness. Even more so on March 25th, also known as International Waffle Day.

A bit of history…

Did you know that waffle molds first appeared during Viking times ? The name itself appeared around the 12th century and comes from Dutch warfel (honey cake or honeycomb). Why? The answer is easy. At the time, each piece was shaped like a honeycomb instead of doning a grid pattern like the modern version.

Some sources report finding metallic molds in the kitchens of wealthy houses as well as directly on Paris’ streets. A sure sign that the humble waffle started off as a democratic and yummy creation.

Today, you will find dozens of recipes across the world. Variations depend on the ingredients as well as on the shape of the mold being used in each region. Of course, the Belgian version is still seen as the archetype of all recipes.


March 25th : International Waffle Day (yay!)

This international celebration takes place on March 25th all over the world. But where does it come from?

In fact, March 25th marks the celebration of Annunciation, a Christian feast going back over 1500 years. Since Annunciation is celebrated in the middle of Lent, the traditional festive menu follows fasting guidelines, which includes leavened dough waffles. These first modern creations often came ornate with unique motives, such as flowers or even religious scenes, pressed into the dough with custom-made metal molds.

But how did this tradition turn into a culinary celebration? As Annunciation became strongly associated with waffles, secular people started calling March 25th Waffle Day.


How to celebrate ?

There are SOOOO many ways of enjoying International Waffle Day, even during COVID times! Lulubelle has come up with a few ideas to mark this fun and seriously delicious celebration.


  1. EXPERIMENTAL BRUNCH: Treat yourself to a decadent brunch. Don’t hesitate to take risks with toppings and garnishes: choco-caramel, egg-bacon-avocado, apple-brie… Nothing is off limits on a day like International Waffle Day. Put your creativity to the test and share your ideas on our Instagram page!
  2. CELEBRATION MADE EASY: Want a nice plump waffle without sweat? Take it easy with Lulubelle & Co’s organic and gluten-free mix. Enjoy a portion of golden and fluffy goodness that just melts in your mouth.
  3. ORDER TAKEOUT: At this time, our restaurants need all the support they can get. Choose to order one (or three) portions of fresh waffles with your topping of choice and treat yourself while supporting a local business. Win-win!
  4. SWAP WAFFLES: Can’t invite any friends over? Doesn’t mean that this day has to be boring! Why not set up a waffle swap? Research, cook and exchange different waffle recipes between family and friends. You can even enjoy your multi-waffle brunch together over Zoom to mark the occasion.


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